(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
1. vehicle, machine, conveyance, equipage, turnout, cart, rig, car, wagon. See passage, travel, transportation.
2. (animalor human-drawn vehicle)
a. carriage, coach, chariot, chaise, phaeton, berlin, landau, barouche, victoria, hard-top, brougham, sulky; jalopy; two-wheeler, dogcart, trap, buggy. Slang, bucket of bolts.
b. stage[coach], diligence, mailcoach; hackney, hack; omnibus, bus, cab, taxi[cab], hansom; jinrickishaw. Informal, jitney, ricksha.
c. sled, sledge, pung, sleigh, bobsled, toboggan, travois, Alpine slide, luge.
d. handcart, pushcart, barrow, wheelbarrow, handbarrow; sedan chair; go-cart, baby carriage, perambulator, stroller; wheelchair, litter, stretcher. Informal, pram.
3. cycle, bicycle, two-wheeler; tricycle, velocipede, three-wheeler; motorcycle, motor scooter, scooter; motor bicycle, moped. Informal, bike, trike, wheel, motorbike. Slang, hog, ass-hammer.
4. automobile, auto, car, motorcar; sedan, coupé, brougham, limousine, cabriolet, phaeton, convertible, hatchback, jeep, roadster, touring car; stock car, compact car, minicar, minibus; trailer, caravan; racing car; patrol car, squad or police car, patrol wagon, Black Maria; ambulance, hearse; station wagon, beach wagon, suburban; dune buggy; bus, motor coach, charabanc, kneeling bus; truck, four-by-four, minivan, pickup [truck], recreational vehicle, RV, sport utility vehicle, SUV, panel truck, monster truck, high-rider; lorry, tractor, van, moving van, semitrailer; wrecker; Tin Lizzie. Informal, paddy wagon. Slang, wheels, bus, flivver, [hot] rod, gas buggy; heap, jalopy, eggbeater, gas guzzler, junker, banger, rust-bucket, boat, beater; prowl car, pigmobile, roller; blood-box or -bucket, bonebox, meatwagon.
5. train, locomotive, passenger train, streamliner, turbo[liner], light rail vehicle, LRV; express, local, limited, freight train; subway [train], underground, tube, Métro; trolley, streetcar, cable car, interurban, tram, trackless trolley; freight car, boxcar, Pullman, sleeper, refrigerator car, tender, tank car, caboose; dining, smoking, lounge, etc., car, day coach. Informal, iron horse.
6. space vehicle (see astronautics).
7. driver, operator, busman, cabbie, carter, coachman; engineer; [bicyclist. See transportation, direction.
Verbs — start, turn over; drive (see direction).Adjective — vehicular, automotive, locomotive.
Quotations — The automobile changed our dress, manners, social customs, vacation habits, the shape of our cities, consumer purchasing patterns, common tastes and positions in intercourse (John Keats), To George F. Babbitt... his motor-car was poetry and tragedy, love and heroism (Sinclair Lewis), The car has become the carapace, the protective and aggressive shell, of urban and suburban man (Marshall McLuhan), Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car (E. B. White).
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [A conveyance]
Syn. transportation, transport, carrier, wheels*.
Vehicles include: carriage, buggy, wagon, sleigh, cart, motor car, bus, jeep, automobile, truck, tractor, tank, station wagon, van, cablecar, train, subway, minivan, limousine, limo*, streetcar, tram, trolley, bicycle, airplane, helicopter, shuttle, monorail, motorcycle, railroad car, taxicab, cab, hack, taxi.
2. [Means of expression]
Syn. organ, channel, agency; see means 1 , medium 2 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
1. transport automobile, car, truck, tractor, van, wagon, *buggy, *heap, jalopy, motorcycle, wheels, *gas hog, *bucket of bolts, *clunker, *crate, *hunk-of-junk, *puddle jumper, boat, bus, train, carriage, coach.
boxlike coach of 1800s: brougham
bus traveling regular route, small, passenger: jitney
cab, old-time: hackney, hansom cab
carriage, enclosed: coach
carriage, four-wheeled: landau, phaeton, surrey
carriage, two-wheeled: chaise, curricle, gig, sulky
carriage, Western, open, four-wheel: buckboard
funeral: hearse
Oriental cab pulled by one or two persons: ricksha, jinrickisha
parade: float
sledlike conveyance: sleigh, bob-sleigh, carriole, cutter, pung
stagecoach: Concord
streetcar: trolley, cable car
three-wheeled motorcycle for backwoods: ATV, all-terrain vehicle
wagon, covered: Conestoga, prairie schooner
2. means medium, instrument, tool, agent, channel, intermediary.

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